Safety vest EN471

What is BS EN 471?


Safety vests are standardised according to EN471 and EN1150. The EN1150 is related to non-professional usage of high-visibility clothing. The EN471 is related to industrial usage or safety vests which should be worn in road traffic.

The EN471 distinguishes three different classes.

Safety vests for road traffic should at least be class 2.

Most staff of breakdown services or rescue services even need to wear class 3 high visibility clothing.


EN471 class

Minimum amount of fluorescent material in m²

Minimum amount of reflective material in m²





Small safety vests or safety pants




Adult safety vests




Safety jackets with long sleeves and reflective   elements on the sleeves



EN471 safety equipment needs to have (at least) two horizontal reflective tapes surrounding the body. Those reflective stripes need to have a minimum width of 50mm. The total reflective material of the safety vest must reach the minimum amount shown in the table above.

For EN1150 safety clothing (leisure wear) a width of 25mm (regarding the reflective tape) is already seen as sufficient.


We appeal to all drivers:

Make sure that you only buy quality products otherwise you might become a victim by yourself.

Because of safety vest related laws in many European countries many inexperienced resellers started to sell cheap safety vests from Asia.

Do not save money on your own security! Buy EN471 quality products!

Many of those ultra-cheap safety vests lose reflective power over time. The reflective tape should not just be a thin foil it should be high-quality reflective material.

In any case you could ask your dealer about the specification and certificate documents. An honest dealer should be able to provide this information.

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