Saftey vests, drink-drive limit, reserve lamps

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Saftey vests, drink-drive limit, reserve lamps

What a driver on his holidays should know.


A EU-study from 2004 showed that 68% of all holiday-makers in the EU take their trip with a car.
Only 15% use the plane. Although it's not always easy withe the traffic regulations.
Almost every country has its own regulations and under this consideration Europe is far from unity.


Italy: One safety-vest isn't enough. You will need one for every passenger of the vehicle.
Bicyclists have to wear a safety waistcoat during the night when they are outside of town.

Who doesn't keep the rules has to expect large fines. Already a few km/h over speedlimit can cost at least 170€.
And if you are caught over the 1,5 % blood alcohol limit could lose his car. Even a forced sale could be applied.

Croatia: In Croatia you need a pair of reserve lamps for the headlamps, break-lights and blinker.
It is also very important to report every accident doesn't matter how small. By your departure they could want
to see a damage report for bigger fractures in the car.
Additional to that they have a safety vest law for vehicles and bycicles.

Hungary: In the past police-controls especially ask for the first aid kit.
The headlamps have to be turned on all-time if you aren't in town and they too have safety waistcoat law.

Drinking and driving isn't allowed at all and can cost up to 1100 € at the spot.

France: You are allowed to drink up to 0,5 % blood alcohol limit, but you have a obligation to carry a drinking-test with you.
What cann really become expensice is if you are caught with a navigation system which supports radar alarm funtion.
This can cost up to 1500 €.

Outside the built-up area take notice of the safety vest laws for vehicles and bycicles.

Beeing from a different country won't save you anymore in the most cases.
Since the most countries have agreements that allow to collect the fines EU wide.

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