Safety vest law for motorcyclists in France

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There is a new safety vest law in France. Since 1st of January 2013 every motorcyclist with an engine bigger than 125cm³ has to wear a safety vest while driving. The motorcyclists shall be seen earlier in road traffic, especially on the highway at dawn or at night.



The French roads shall become safer with this new regulation. The French ministry for road safety describes the law in detail:


The reflective area should cover at least 150cm². The reflective tape can be attached in one piece or in several pieces but it has to be located at the driver's torso. A background material like the fluorescent yellow fabric we know from safety vests is not required. Motorcyclists often prefer dark clothing and are often averse to the bright colours of regular safety vests. In such cases the black or grey reflective vests (brand: korntex®) are a good alternative. The vests have sufficient reflective material and fulfill the requirements of the new French law.




Black reflective vest (source:


Those vests are available at The German company has English speaking staff and delivers to the UK as well.


We are curious if there will be a motorcyclist safety vest law in other European countries as well.



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