Safety vests at the Fraport's new departure gate A plus

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Last September voluntary probands wearing coloured safety vests tested the new departure gate A plus in Frankfurt's airport.




The new departure gate is as big as 25 soccer fields and has about 2,000 doors - you can get lost easily. To provide a secure boarding procedure the management of Fraport hired 300 test persons to figure out how they get a long on the new departure gate.


The testing persons were equipped with coloured korntex® safety vests. The safety waistcoat had the colour magenta. So the test persons could be easily distinguished from other airport staff. Security is a big issue at Frankfurt Airport. In 2011 Fraport ranked among the TOP 10 of the busiest airports in the world. But of course Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in Europe and even the 3rd busiest airport in the world. Safety vests play a big role in London too.


This project showed very well how differently safety vests can be applied. Reflective vests in different colours are an ideal way to distinguish different groups of people.


The new departure gate in Frankfurt is said to get through millions of passengers each year.



source of image: : ©picture-alliance/dpa

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