Review: Austria's safety vest law

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Austria's automobile club ARBÖ reflects the results and achievements of the safety vest law since its introduction in 2005. Next to Italy Austria was one of the pioneer's of the safety vest law.


According to ARBÖ about 94% of all Austrian car owners carry a safety vest in their car. Most of them think about their family and friends as well and carry several safety vests in their vehicle. Only 22% just have a single safety vest in their car.



The place where people store their safety vest differs. The Austrian safety vest law does not specify a certain location where the safety vest should be stored. Some chose the glove box, some chose the trunk and some even store the safety waistcoat under the driver's seat.


Peter Stuppacher of ARBÖ also mentions that studies showed that a person wearing a safety vest can be seen up to four seconds earlier compared to a person without reflective clothing. The safety vest raises security especially under bad visiblity conditions. Those who don't wear a safety vest when leaving the car at night put themselves in danger because they are actually invisible to otherroad users.


Regarding road safety Austrians are very safety-conscious and act as a role model for many other European countries. We are curious when there will be a safety vest law in the UK as well.



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