The German vice champion Borussia Dortmund presents their controversial new jersey for season 2014/2015 recently. Transverse strips shall create a dynamic design.
The folder on the sidelines also can be designed dynamically. They can‘t wear jersey, but a suitable printed safety vest.
The folder vests are worn by security staff on the sidelines and are used wherever large crowds are formed that the folder can‘t be overlook.
For many situations printed safety vests are a must-have for better visibility.

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From the first July 2014 the safety vest is obligating in Germany. In each car, yellow or orange safety vests are necessary. In breakdowns or accidents the bright material of the safety vest increase the own protection. By wearing a safety vest you will perceived five times earlier. It’s important at placing the breakdown triangle, change of tyres or on the way to the roadside emergency telephone. It will be very dangerous without safety vest above all in the darkness.

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An 18-year-old from Salzburg (Austria) claimed to be a policeman and was wearing a safety vest. After he had bought a blue light, he put this on the roof of his car. The 18-year old had a softgun and was wearing a safety vest. The wrong safety vest wearer carried out spot checks on cars. He stopped a driver and asked him to show his driver's license and registration certificate.

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Dierdorf (Germany): A 35-year-old car driver without safety vest was hit by a van. The car driver tried to eradicate a dead deer from the street. The deer was hit in a recently happened accident. The car driver left his car without hesitation and without protective safety vest. In consequence of the accident, the 35-year-old man suffered strong injuries. He was sent to a hospital. By reason of the rain, the viewing conditions were restricting in the place of accident. The victim had not worn a safety vest and he had no protection from the following traffic. Based on the dangerousness the carrying of safety vests is obligatory in Germany from first July 2014.

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Are you concerned that your chickens perish in the dark? Don’t panic! Now there is a safety vest specifically for chickens. Available in two bright colours (pink and yellow). This special safety vests let your chickens glow in the dark, while they are protected from rain.

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