Do you have a safety vest in your car?

A safety vest can be a life saver. informs about laws relating to safety vests and about the safety vests in general.


In the worst case a small breakdown can have fatal consequences. Every year almost 2,000 people are killed in road casualties. In Great Britain there is no obligation to carry a safety waistcoat in your car. Why is that? Many EU countries already have laws relating to safety vests on the road.


When you want to travel to other EU countries you might be forced to buy a safety vest. If you do not carry a vest in your car or if you do not wear one when having a breakdown you might be fined.


Many British car dealers and car workshops give their customers a safety vest as a gift. The safety vest might be printed with the companies logo and functions as a promotion article.


The luminous safekeeping bag of the high visibility vests can also be printed. It is also a very good promotion article because the logo print can be seen from the outside. Most safety vests will actually never be worn! answers all the questions about safety vests.


Which countries do have safety vest related laws?


Which colours are appropriate for which purpose?


What is the standard BS EN471 (the technical standard for hi-viz clothing) exactly?


Where can you purchase safety vests?


How to store safety vests?


Where can you buy safety vests with logo printing?


Why is the safety vest a good merchandise/promotion article?


Why should children wear a safety waistcoat too?



Please compare those two pictures by yourself:





 with safetyvest - without safetyvest





The difference is crystal clear. A safety vest protects you when you have a car breakdown or when you render first aid at the crash site.


Never keep your safety vest in the trunk. In case of an accident it makes sense to keep the safety vest in reach, e.g. in the glove box or under your seat.


Safety vests are also called high visibility vests, safety jackets, safety waistcoats, security vests or security waistcoat. The commonly used expression is just "safety vest". You can buy safety vests without printing for a very cheap price.


That is why you should buy a safety vest now and you should not wait until there is a law regulating the usage of the safety vests. Be on the road but be safe on the road.


A small hint: You should buy safety vests for every passenger in the car. For small family members like children there are also safety vests for children to buy. You can normally get them wherever you can buy adult safety vests too.

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